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My sincere compliments for reposing trust in me to lead the newly constituted Chamber for small traders and small industries for the first time in District Rawalpindi. We started our journey with approval from the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan and started functioning from 2nd November, 2015. This is our pride and we owe a lot to our Pioneer Members, who had the far sightedness for such a prestigious institution. I assure you that no where we would lag behind and no stone will be left unturned in taking this Chamber to the loftiest position it so richly deserves.
Nadeem Sheikh
President RCSTSI

Mr Nadeem Sheikh is a renowned businessman, who hails from a well-reputed business family of Rawalpindi. He stands prominent in the field for the last 20 years and carried out diverse entrepreneurship. Took a start from Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi with a business marvel by the name NS Traders and later established Telezone Communication Pvt Ltd. successfully on all Pakistan basis. He ultimately made up to the level of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NS Traders (having products like motorbikes and electronics), Procol, MegaTech Pvt Ltd., Telezone Communication Pvt Ltd. and NS Media Centre. His contributions as General Secretary of Trade Union Raja Bazaar is commendable. He is also a member of the District Amman Committee. He was elected as the First Senior Vice President of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industries and later elected as President Rawalpindi Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industries. Besides this, another feather in his cap is that he is the CEO of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industries with a commitment to the Mission and Vision of the Chamber and to support the endeavors of Entrepreneurs for a stronger and much prosperous business community. Side by side he always finds time for the social causes and social welfare work. He is a versatile speaker and has a lot of vision.